I have just started designing database driven websites with MySQL and I would like to know if there is likely to be any performance issues if lots of pages share records from a single table.

I want to design a simple website where the contents are derived from two tables "PageDetails" and "contentDetails". The page details will contain all page related info that occurs only once (titles, meta tags etc) and the contents page will contain all the repeating "block" on each page.

I am used to designing relational databses for use on a LAN. when I do this I always aim to normalise the design as much as possible for ease of data entry and design maintenance.

When I design on a LAN I have a good idea how many concurrent users there are likely to be and how loaded my database tables will be.

My concern is, if I use this approach online, the resources of one table will be shared by all pages and all users and I have no idea how many concurrent users there will be on this site but it could be potentially 200. Will there be a noticable performance degredation?

The alternative would be to create a pair of tables per page. This would mean any one table would have much less loading, but it would be a maintenance nightmare.

Can anyone advise, which of these two approaches is generally used and is there likely to be a problem with the first method?