Hi Guys

I have a huge problem. I have an older version of an application that I installed on my PC now when I uninstall it and install a newer version I get this error.

Its a Visual Basic Application that uses Oracle as its database and I am trying to connect via ADO.

The old installer was InstallShield and I am now using Visual Studio Installer. The problem is that when you unistall the older version of this product then it removes certain files and I have no idea what these files are.

Now when I run the code, it says that it cant find the Provider or it may not be installed properly...

Private mcnWrite As ADODB.Connection

mcnWrite.CursorLocation = adUseClient
mcnWrite.Open "Provider=msdaora.1;Data Source=MyDB;USER ID=ADMIN;Password=ADMIN"

I have installed MDAC 2.6, MDAC 2.7, MDAC 2.5, MDAC 2.0, MS DAO 3.6 but I still keep getting this error, I have tried other connections but the same error keeps coming up.

If I put the old installation back on then the code runs fine....

Can someone plz help me???

Mail me on DPillay@Uniprosa.co.za