Id like to get a bit of discussion on Notification Services going. Im working on an addition to an existing HR type application. Ideally Id like to use the data in the existing system as a base for subscription groups, & events.

Can I use information in a pre-existing HR type SQL 2000 db to create my subscription groups? For instance, the db stores information on the physical location and the department that an employee works in. John Doe might work in the Marketing department, and work at the Ohio office. Id like to be able to target notifications to any department or physical location and have it delivered to the right employees. Can NS piggyback nicely on a preexisting app? Also, when making updates to employee records in the db Id like their subscriptions in NS to be changed as well, possibly through some sort of triggers?

What sort of logging is available? For instance, if I wanted to send out a notification to a group of people, where, if delivery to person A fails delivery to person B begins. This would continue until a successful delivery occurred at which point the notifications process would terminate. Any thoughts on watching the actual NS event log for triggering events that would fire further notifications?