I have designed a dB (access2002) which is for a booking system for a college. i have recorded in seperate tables
STUDENTID, student forename, student surname, Classid
ROOMNO, max students, computers(Y/N)
TUTORID,Forename, surname
CLASSID,class name
block caps are PK's

The table to book is
ROOMNO,DATE,TIMEIN,time out,classid,staffid

I have to be able to record individual student hrs/tutor hrs room hrs students by class etc and show which students are in which room at what time

the database does this but is there a better way..?
Also think have got normalisation but how can i normalise room booking table...do i have to split table into date..time and the redefine relationships

Relationships are..students(classid >class (class id)(M:1) class(classid)>room bookings (classid)(1:M)
Tutor(tutorid)>rmbookings(tutorid) (1:M)
Room(room NO)> rmbookings(room no)(1:M)

Any help will recieve major thanks....have been working on this for 5 days!!!LOL