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    Unanswered: Image edge finding in Delphi

    Can anyone please help me?

    The program I'm working on is for Facial Recognition using Neural Networks. The thing I'm having problems with though is processing the image of a face in order to be able to read it into the Network.
    I have a greyscale bitmap image of a person's head, with background (it's basically a B&W portrait photo like for a Passport), and I want to process it to just get a pure white image with the edges/feature-outlines of the original image in pure black.

    I'm pretty new to programming, so any pseudocode/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Image edge finding in Delphi


    I'm not sure if I perfectly understood your question but, I think you're gonna have to user a filter on your image. I had to do a similar task in order to eliminate many levels of gray on an image.

    It can be a bit confusing though, but I once found a perfect program to test filters and I found it very useful. It was also open source and made in delphi.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the url with me right now, but I'd be glad to look it up for you if you are interested.

    I could also give you a more complete explanation of how to pass a filter into an image with delphi and maybe show you my code.
    Best way to reach me is at as I receive so much junk in hotmail right now that I can't even tell wich mails aren't.

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