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    Question Unanswered: CDML and Reports-- Sum of Vertical fields on Results page

    Hello People!
    With great hope that someone has an advice/solution I present my problem. I am new to FileMaker (FMPro6) so I would apprechiate all of the help.
    Here is the DB structure (the actual field names differ but for the ease of understanding...):
    -Location (text)
    -TotalSale-->ForThisItem (calcualtion=ItemPrice x Qunatity)
    the scenario is:
    user goes to search page (CDML custom web-pub) that does sorting just fine.So if user selects

    Location:Los Angeles

    I would like to get the results:
    Location | Item Price |Quantity |TotalSale |date
    1.Los Angeles| 50 | 2 |100 |1/1/2002
    2.Los Angeles| 20 | 7 |140 |1/4/2002
    for the selected time frame (one week worth of time)

    TOTALQuantity=xxxx TOTALSale=$xxxx

    SO in other words a weekly report where the week starts based on my date selection and Vertical Sum of resulting fields per page?
    Instead of making reports my idea was to use the search page to:

    User enters a date range for one day-->DAILY REPORT
    User enter a date range for 7 days-->WEEKLY REPORT

    IS this possible?My background is in VBscript and ASP not FM scripting and have barely started CMDL-scripting (2 days ago)so...
    I have used the Columnar-List Report within the FM and it works OK except for the fact I can sort ONLY by Date not the Range....I was even ready to go to Buit-in publishing
    I am at the point where I would really apprechiate your help...and IF this is NOT possible...CHANGE OUR WHOLE DB to Access...maybe?! help help help
    Thank you guys......
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    OK.....I found the problem I was using a "Sum" rather than "Total Of" on the field properties.Also, the TotalSALE and TotalQUANTITY should be out of "repeated region" of records.....
    so there it is....Using a Search to generate Reports with CDML!
    If anyone outhere has questions I would be more than happy to extend the topic.....

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