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    Unanswered: Need Major Access Help ;( Reports

    I have made a invoice systems in access.. It all works well apart from
    the fact when i decide to print a invoice(using reports) it shows ALL the products a custumer(who is logged on a table) that they have bought..

    All i want it to do is show all the products one custumer has bought for a certian invoice number.

    I have got help from friends but they are unable to help me

    I would really be greatfull if some 1 could help me personally as this is a matter which is too hard to explain on forums, and i have only had 2 weeks experiance with access.

    If any 1 is willing to help me please mail me @

    Many thanks

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    Base the record source of the report on a query

    Base the record source of the report on a query>

    Assuming Each "Ordered Line / Item" has a reference to the 'OrderID' number, use a query to find only order lines for a 'OrderID'

    Use this query as the record source of the report.

    Let me know if you need more detailed explanation...
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