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    Unanswered: hierarchical trees

    Hi all and thanx in advance...

    There is a command in Oracle which is "connect by prior" and i think it's a function to build "hierarchical trees", so where can I find the source of this function, or if anybody knows it please tell me...

    What i mean is there would be an SQL function before "connect by prior" function written...

    Example... I can write a function called called sub

    function sub(x,y)
    Z= X - Y
    return z

    So and then in my program i can use z=sub(5,3) instead of z=5-3, i think connect by prior is same thing but of course longer coding.....
    Where can i get this code?

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    Re: hierarchical trees

    It's not a function, it's an Oracle extension to the SQL syntax. You can't get the code for it.

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