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    Unanswered: New to ASP - Need help

    I have to build an ASP form that will insert some data to an Access XP db.
    I need to things:
    1) Online resources for a beginer that wants to set up a connection to an Access db and use ADO and ASP to manipulate data (although I can connect but I still have lots of problems regarding the file path connection)
    2) *****How to pass parameters from an HTML Form to a query and insert it into an Access database.


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    A simple google search [] would have resulted in the following good links;

    Try this one first [forms and variables];

    [connection strings and forms]</a>

    Note to everyone; USE to search for simple questions; it usually answers most of them

    basically form variables are either got from the request.form("form element name") or the response.querystring("form element name") depending upon if you used get or post method of submitting the form
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    Download Dreamweaver MX Trial...

    Dreamweaver MX is a great tool for beginners to learn ASP (or ColdFusion, etc.). Creating and updating a form is a piece of cake! You can download a fully functional copy from It will work for 30 days, which should be more than enough time for you to create the form.

    I strongly suggest yo pick up the Visual Quickstart guide for Dreamweaver, and there is some VERY affordable training available online at (this is weird -- I was there last week, but the site is down today).

    Good luck.

    Houston, Texas

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