We are currently moving over from a Windows NT environment to a Windows 2000 Terminal server(using Citrix) running MS Access 2000 SP 3.

Everything is working fine under Windows NT, but in the new Windows 2000 environment, no numbers are showing up on any of the Access Reports. For example, if a date is printed out using the Now() function this is what appears on the screen: "Thursday, February , ." It leaves all the places where the numbers should be, but leaves them blank!!! This also happens in every label which contains a string that contains a number and in every text box which is pulling data from a table/recordset which contains numbers. The numbers which are in labels are visible when in design mode, but no numbers are visible when printing/print preview.

I have double checked all the Access settings in both setups and have not seen any difference. Does any one have any ideas on what may be causing this??? Thanks in advance for your help.