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    Question Unanswered: Searching for table properties

    When i transfer data between two databases, some table properties hasn't been copied, like the "default" value of the table. Then, when the users insert data into the table, the columns with blank values, are marked as NULL and the application bypass rows that have NULL values.
    I alter the default values for some tables in Sql Enterprise Manager, but not all 'cause i don't which tables must be altered.
    How can i search my database for the table properties of ALL tables, looking for the "Default Value" property not filled ?

    p.s. Sorry for my english, i'm brazilian... i hope u understand.

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    select table_name, column_name, column_default from information_schema.columns
    where column_default is not null
    order by table_name, column_name

    That will list all the defaults per table.

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