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    Question Unanswered: SQL server performance

    Hello esteemed SQL server users,
    I am new to the world of SQL server. Our management is looking for some insight into SQL Server. I am specifically looking for some information. They are as follows :

    What is the name of the company?
    What is the industry ?
    How long you have been using SQL server in the Production ?
    Application type (# of users, db used for storing what type of data, other technologies used, etc.).
    Reasons for selecting SQL server .
    Experience in Development and Production (good/bad; tips / tricks. gotchas etc.).
    Customer Satisfaction.
    Production Support Experience.
    How many tables do you have in Production ? Average rows in each table.
    Re-tolling resources with minimum or no background of RDBMS / SQL Server.
    Cost of ownership.
    Any other info which you think is might be helpful.

    I would appreciate any inputs from the users. I can even talk off-line if anybody is interested in providing detailed info.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I would have thought most companies would consider thyis confidential information.
    As well as being doubtful about your intentions.

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