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    Unanswered: Help On Lock Row

    I use (and must use !) INFORMIX.SE. Is there any possiblity to LOCK A ROW ? I try (in a DATABASE with LOG) with SELECT ... FOR UPDATE but there is no lock ?
    Can any one help me ?
    Thanks a lot !

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    You might use the cursor for update logic.

    open the cursor;
    begin transaction;
    fetch the update cusror;

    as long as you are in this transaction, the currently selected
    row will have an U-lock. However if you go on to the next
    row, this U-lock is released.
    If you want the Locks to be permanent during the transaction
    you have to execute a dummy-update on this row which
    changes the U-Lock to an X-Lock.
    This lock is held until you perform a commit or rollback work.

    This is the SE logic as far as I remember. There is no concept
    of isolation levels in SE, so you always have 'dirty read'.

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