We have a problem with Analysis Services that only happens when the cube is refreshed by a scheduled job from DTS. If the cube is refreshed manually from Analysis Manager, users can access the data fine. If the cube is refreshed from DTS, OLAPAdministrators can view the data fine, but non-administrators (i.e. just about everyone) get an error that says the following:

The PivotTable List "<List Name>" could not connect to the data source "<Cube Name>". For more information about the data source, consult the creator of the file.

0x800a0bcd: Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.

I have ensured that 'Execute on main package thread' is checked on my Analysis Services processing task in DTS, so that's not the problem. I have considered the fact that security may have something to do with it because the problem doesn't affect admins, however the security works just fine if the cubes are refreshed manually.

Has anyone else run across a similar problem?