Hi ya!

Well I have the following code:

Private Sub Detail_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)

Const TWIPS = 1
Dim strFirst As String
Dim strLast As String
Dim intPosition As Integer
Dim CtlDetail As Control
Dim intMargin As Integer

' I'll leave in Italic and Color
' in case you want to use these
Dim oldFontBold As Integer
Dim oldFontItalic As Integer
Dim oldForeColor As Long
Dim oldFontName As String
Dim oldfontsize As Integer
Dim oldScaleMode As Integer
Dim LeftSide
Dim RightSide
Dim LeftOfBold
Dim RightOfBold
Dim BoldStringLength
Dim Bold
Dim NoBold

NoBold = True 'set default

For Each CtlDetail In Me.Section(acDetail).Controls
    If CtlDetail.name = "tbLady" Then
        With CtlDetail
            .Visible = False
            If InStr(.Value, "|") > 0 Then
            LeftSide = InStr(.Value, "|")
            RightSide = InStr(LeftSide + 1, .Value, "|")
            LeftOfBold = Left(.Value, LeftSide - 1)
            RightOfBold = Mid(.Value, RightSide + 1)
            BoldStringLength = Len(.Value) - Len(LeftOfBold) - Len(RightOfBold)
            Bold = Mid(.Value, LeftSide + 1, BoldStringLength - 2)
            NoBold = False
            End If
        End With
        With Me
            ' Make sure we are in Twips
            '.ScaleMode = TWIPS
            ' Grab Controls current Font settings
            .FontName = CtlDetail.FontName
            .FontSize = CtlDetail.FontSize
                ' Create desired Font settings
                .FontBold = False
                .CurrentX = CtlDetail.Left
                .CurrentY = CtlDetail.Top
            If NoBold = False Then
                Me.Print LeftOfBold;
               .FontBold = True
                Me.Print Bold;
               .FontBold = False
	Me.Print RightOfBold
                Me.Print CtlDetail.Value
            End If
End With
    End If

End Sub
Which gives me a string with some bolded text in it. How can I now get this to wrap inside the control??? The txt overruns the control width defined on the report:

String looks like this: "$20 off $40 exp 3-31-02 w/$5 |Bonus| off $50+ exp 2-20-02 Dot Whack 112pg"

I want it to wrap!