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    Question Unanswered: db2 cics

    i have some cics db2 programs that do not have any declare table statements in them nor do they have a declare begin section. these programs compile just fine, even the bind works great. i thought tables had to be declared. does this mean we really don't have to do dclgens??
    i have not actually run these programs yet. is that when i am going to see a problem??

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    the "dclgens" are put in the programm for the precompiler. The precompiler doens't connect to the dbms, so it cannot check if the datatypes are wright. If you "declare" your variables (using or not dclgen), the precompiler will check if your statements are semantic OK. If you don't, you should receive a warning from the PC (RC 04).
    It's a good practice to "declare" your db objects in the programm.
    If your programm binds OK, you should have no "semantic" problems in the production, only the usual logical ones... ;-)
    Rodney Krick

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