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    Unanswered: Lookup help please

    Could use someone's advice. Want to make a lookup table from an Inventory List, ...when choosing the inventory, I'd like to make it remove the item from inventory (delete it) It's for auto sales. Also, I'd like to reverse the procedure for the ability to add to an inventory List. Is this possible and could someone advise me....Thanks for your time.

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    Lightbulb Re: Lookup help please

    I hope i understood this correctly.

    What you need is 2 tables

    tblInventoryList - A list of all available Products
    tblInventoryInStock - A list of all inventory in stock

    On a form create a listbox linked to tblInventoryInStock.
    Add it into lets say an Invoice Table and Delete it from tblInventoryInStock.

    On anotherform add a 2 listboxes one linked to tblInventoryList the other linked to tblInventoryInStock
    When the user double clicks on the product add it to stock(tblInventoryInStock).
    You can get fancy and check if the product is allready in stock and just increase the quantity

    I hope this makes sense


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