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    Unhappy Unanswered: unable to connect to SQL Server 2000 in JDBC

    I try to connect to SQL 2000 with JDBC, the installation of JDBC driver seems fine, and I have set up the classpath as well, but when i try to connect to database, system report untrusted connection error.

    can anyone help? many thanks

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    Did u provide correct Username and Password to login ?

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    uh whats the point of jdbc anyway

    cant you just use ASP and ADO and have a faster connection?

    mebbe i just dont appreciate the merits of java, i dont know.
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    Re: unable to connect to SQL Server 2000 in JDBC


    maybe it's useful to check the port you are connecting through. In former times the default port was 1433 (JTDS for example uses this port in the documentation), but in newer releases as well in the SP patches the default port is often 1117.

    You can check this in the enterprise manager, properties of the database -> network config -> properties of TCP/IP, default port.

    Maybe this helps.



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