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    Unanswered: Hotel Reservation System

    Can anybody tell me how to check availability on a hotel reservation system? The following is how it's laid out:
    - 4 different room types
    - 4 different hotels
    - 3 rooms of each type in each hotel.

    I want to be able to check availability of a certain type of room, in a certain hotel for a range of dates. I'm able to query the date of arrival for these rooms but that doesn't give me enough information to see if room is booked e.g. if i want to book room type 1 in hotel 1: this corresponds to room no Ck1, Ck2 or Ck3. However if a booking is made the previous day for say 2 nights the room in question is unavailable! Short of querying a broad range of dates individually and checking no of nights of each, is there a way of checking availability for a range of dates, i.e. from Date of Arrival to Date of Departure?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    To return records within a range of dates, use the following syntax in the appropriate query field:

    Between #01/01/2002# and #02/02/2002#

    However since you should have a form as a user interface, use a couple of unbound text boxes to enter the date ranges and then reference the text boxes in the query's criteria

    Between [Forms]![YourFormName]![txtArrivalDate] And [Forms]![YourFormName]![txtDepartureDate]

    You will also need to develop your query to only select rooms not already booked.


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