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    Question Unanswered: Track Transaction PORTING History

    I need to keep track of a transaction history so I can easily see where transaction comes from and to what it was ported.

    The idea is to track transaction PORTING history.
    The history of the the Transaction should show:
    #Date + TRANSACTION + Trans# (by LineItemID) + Status 2 +
    1 <> |__-Customer Order____| 165545 cPOli#_________| Completed
    2 <> |_______-ShipOUT_____| BLO1500 shpli#_________| Completed
    3 <> |_______-VendorPO____| vPO1546 vPOli#_________| Completed
    4 <> |___________-ShipIN___| BLO9987 shpli#_________| Completed
    5 <> |_______-ShipOUT_____| BLO1500 shpli#_________| Shipping
    6 <> |___________-ShipIN___| BLO9991 shpli#_________| Completed
    7 <> |_______-ShipOUT_____| BLO1501 shpli#_________| Shipping

    1-A customer orders 3 hoppercars of a SAME product (only ONE record in the Order line item file)

    2-Porting 1/3 hopercars to ShipOUT.
    we have one in stock so part of the line item in the customer order is ported to a Shipment OUT.

    3-Porting 2and3/3 hoppercars to VendorPO
    we have to order the other 2 hoppercars to a vendor to fill the rest of the order. So the second part of the order line item is ported to a Vendor PO Which orders 2 hoppercars of a SAME product.

    4-Porting Vendor PO to Shipment IN
    The vendor confirms shipment of the first container, so part of the vendor PO line item is ported to a shipment IN.

    5-The first container to come in is to be shipped OUT, so we port from CustomerOrder to Shipment OUT.

    6-The second container comes in. se we again port from CustomerOrder to Shipment OUT.

    ...And the thing goes on for invoicing and payments...

    I guess, upon porting from a transaction to an other that we must SUBSCRIBE the process to a certain trackID or something. I'm a bit confused and would greatly appreciate example files of such beast. Or maybe just advice on the basic needs and pitfalls.

    hey... thank you all for your GREAT help. :-)
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