FMC-Pivot Lite: Free FileMaker Pro Pivot Table Tool

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, FEBRUARY 24, 2003. Datavations LLC announced today the release of the free FMC-Pivot Lite component which allows data from any FileMaker Pro solution to be manipulated in a Pivot table and exported to Microsoft Excel.

This new component offers the following advantages:

- A free management report generator that seamlessly integrates with FileMaker Pro.

- Easy to integrate with your own FileMaker Pro application.

- A flexible reporting tool allowing you to create reports without having to add all the functionality you normally would in FileMaker Pro (layouts, fields, sorts etc.).

- REAL management report in the form of matrixes instead of vertical list reports.

- One button export to Microsoft Excel to create charts etc.

The FMC-Pivot Lite component is a Visual Basic (VB) component that is being marketed through a joint venture between Datavations LLC (N. America) and STB Research bv. (Europe) and requires the FMConnector and Microsoft Office XP.

The free FMC-Pivot Lite component can now be downloaded from the or website. A demonstration (Flash movie) of the FMC-Pivot Lite component is available from either website.

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Gary Dotzlaw

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