FMConnector ASP: Web Development for FileMaker Pro

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, FEBRUARY 24, 2003. Datavations LLC announced today the release of FMConnector ASP which enables the rapid and simplified web publishing of FileMaker Pro databases using proven Active Server Page (ASP) technology.

This new ASP version is specifically designed to run on a Windows 2000 web server and allows FileMaker Pro data to now be published to web pages without the use of any additional software.

This new ASP version of FMConnector ASP offers the following advantages over traditional FileMaker Pro web development technologies:

- ASP development is a proven, reliable, scalable, and high performance technology that is compliant with international standards.

- ASP developments open architecture allows developers to easily add additional functionality by incorporating any of the thousands of previously developed components that would add rich functionality to their FileMaker Pro web applications (see

- ASP development is supported by a world-wide developer community that includes publications, books, training materials, newsgroups, web sites, code archives and a developer community that dwarfs all others.

- No ADO or ODBC component or SQL knowledge necessary; FMConnector ASP has its own intuitive syntax that is easy to learn and use.

- No additional investment is necessary to connect FileMaker Pro solutions to the web, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The FMConnector ASP is a Visual Basic (VB) component that is being marketed through a joint venture between Datavations LLC (N. America) and STB Research bv. (Europe).

The 45 day evaluation version of the FMConnector ASP can now be downloaded from the or website. For a limited time, the FMConnector ASP v1.2 is being offered at an introductory price of $399 until April 30, 2003 (normal list price is $599).

Now for the first time ever, FileMaker Pro web development is truly easy and the possibilities are endless.

DATAVATIONS LLC ( is a national consulting firm that offers custom development of client-server and Web applications and is a member of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance (FSA). With advanced skills in FileMaker Pro, SQL 2000, Visual Basic, FMConnector, FMConnector ASP, ASP, JSP, Cold Fusion, PHP, XML, ODBC and Flash, Datavations provides high-quality custom development, commercial product development and support, help desk services, marketing services and search engine optimization services.

Gary Dotzlaw

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