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    Unanswered: DTS "general error" when trying to export/transform to txt file

    Hi there. I'm using the DTS Import/Export wizard to attempt to export data to a text file. I am using the visual basic transformations (or whatever they're called) to change column names at the destination, but that's about the most unusual or complex thing I am doing.

    When I finish up, I try to save the export for later use, in the source server's Meta Data Services. It starts to save and then craps out with the following very useless error:

    Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package
    Error Description: General error -2147217355 (80041035)

    Google turns up nothing on those number strings... anyone have any ideas, or failing that, a pointer to a tutorial page on how to create a data export script that includes the flexibility to change column names? Maybe I'm doing something wrong and don't realize it.

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    Re: DTS "general error" when trying to export/transform to txt file is a good site to take a look. There might be something there.

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