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    Unanswered: relinking problem while installing oracle 9i on solaris 9


    i have big problems installing oracle9i on solaris 9. machine is a sunblade100 64 bit sparc architecture.

    installation went fine until compiling / relinking the binaries. i ignored the messages because i wanted to compile binaries later with the "relink" command.

    After exectuting the command i encountered following message:

    ld: fatal: dlopen() of support library ( failed with error: /usr/ccs/bin/sparcv9/ld: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

    my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is

    my $LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64 is

    the file exists in /usr/bin.
    its 32bit, might that be a problem ?

    well, i also installed the packages
    SUNWbtool, SUNWlibm, SUNWarc, SUNWhea and SUNWsprot, which are necessary for compiling (see installation handbook)

    did you have the same problems? is it only a system path problem?

    please help,

    thanks in advance,

    yours frank

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    I solved that problem after a good advice (but nevertheless I was on the right way)

    SUNWsprox Package was missing on system therefore the linker could not find the 64bit Version of the libmakestate library.

    So long,


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