I just recieved a new computer. I am the person who manages all of our database in our building (we currently have around 30 MS Access DB all on our network drive). Now, I have tried to do this on both an exisiting 2000 database and a new test database I created in XP.

The problem is I have a CSV file I import. The old databases in Access 97 used the SAVED IMPORT SPECIFICATIONS. My problem is I have 3 databases that I import data into and I want to merge them all into one. I have imported all of the info into a NEW XP database. When I go to FILE - IMPORT - EXTERNAL DATA, I get the file box and I choose TEXT and then go to A:\ to choose my file.csv. As soon as I hit OK, it gives me a "Access XP encouintered an error, Application will now reboot" I cannot import at ALL. I went to Microsoft and it looks like XP does not support SAVED IMPORT SPECIFICATIONS. Whty I dont know, that was a great feature they used to have.

Any ideas on how I can get my IMPORT feature to work on Access XP? This is the article I read on Microsoft, however, it shouldnt affect me importing, I should only have a problem saving the import feature.

Reference: http://support.microsoft.com/default...b;en-us;290587