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    Unanswered: unable to start database engine error

    I am trying to create a new SQL Anywhere db. I have tried to do this two ways - the first is thru Powerbuilder. When I am in the "database" function, I select "create database" from the menu, put in the database name, dba/sql for username and password, and start command defaults to dbeng50. When I press "ok" to create it, I am prompted for the username/password. I put in dba/sql in and I get the following error:
    SQLSTATE=08001 [Sybase][ODBC Driver] Unable to connect to database server: unable to start database engine.

    I've also tried to create the db with Sybase Central - it creates the database, but when I try to connect to the database I get the same "unable to start database engine".

    Another thing I've tried was to copy an existing SQL anywhere db and rename. When I do that I also cannot connect using both Powerbuilder and Sybase Central.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thank you in advance.

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