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    Unanswered: Last time: RPC Error w/Oracle/ASP. Free Mechwarrior4 games to whomever solves it..

    Whomever helps solve the problem first I will send "The Mech Collecion" which has Mechwarrior 4 Vengeance, Mechwarrior 4 Black Knight Expansion, and Mech Commander 2. It's boxed & ready to go. Of course you'll pay nothing.

    The "The remote procedure call failed and did not execute." error.
    All information in the connection string is correct, and it sometimes connects, but most of the time it sits there for a few minutes and when you refresh it is gives the above error.

    I am using an ADODB connection and the provider is OraOLEDB.Oracle.1
    IIS server is W2k connecting to an Oracle 9 DB on a different machine.
    I have MDAC 2.7 as well.

    Someone please help me, this is holding up an entire project.

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    You have not adequately specified the problem. Where are you getting your error, from VB or Oracle?
    What's the error number?
    What version of Oracle?
    Have you verified your architecture (do other similar requests work)?

    I suggest logging a TAR at

    Otherwise, you can e-mail me for on-site consulting services...

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    RPC Error w/Oracle/ASP

    That's it, that's the entire error. I think it is thrown by IIS, but it only occurs if using Oracle.

    Oracle 9 on db server, W2K & IIS on web server.
    This is all you need to reproduce the error:

    set oConnO = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") oConnO.Open ("PROVIDER=OraOLEDB.Oracle.1;Data Source=server;User ID=uid;Password=pw;")

    Sometimes it connects, sometimes it waits then gives me the error. All of the connection string info is correct. If I point to a SQL server the problem never occurs.

    This is so basic a problem that I'd expect anyone trying to connect to Oracle from IIS would have the same problem.

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    I attached a text file that helped me with my problem. I got another error message, but it was also troubles with the oracle - mdac combination. I'm not sure if it will fix your problem, but you might give it a try.
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