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    Unanswered: Linking documents

    I currently have a database set up and have created a button, that once pushed, it opens up a word template (it’s a fax cover page with the contact details of that customer in a specific record) – I was wondering, once I save the word document, is there anyway to have it automatically create a link to that location I save it in. I want the link to be in the form, in the specific record of the contact. Maybe link it in a regular text box.

    Basically, I just want to save the step of having to create a common dialog box and manually link it.

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    You could just name the document the record id number. Then the button will open that record id number (filename) within a predetermined path.
    You could have your record look for the document using the on current function, and if found then make the link button visible or not if not found.

    I use the following
    NewlyFound = Dir(Path & Group & "\" & searchingfor & ".pdf")
    "Searchingfor" is the record id number.

    This works great.

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    But I will use more (alot more) than just one document. This iwll be for regualrt daily correspondences. Is there a way to have links in a scroll box or something like that.

    Basically, lets say today I click the "Fax" button and a new word document opens and i write my fax, then i save it as "blah.doc" in "c:\my documents\blah.doc" - I want a link of c:\my documents\blah.doc in that specific record.

    Maybe the next day i will want to do another fax, and so on...

    Is that something that is possible?

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