I have a project that is described below:Any help or any usefull code word by greatly appreciated.Cheers
XYZ Consultants is based in Cork City. They want to develop an application, which will manage the various meetings, which occur on a daily basis within the company. Essentially, the system is a room booking system but is also used to keep track of projects and other company business. You have been asked to create the application using Visual Basic, which will do the following:

Part One

Create a user-friendly form, which will allow XYZ employees to book particular meeting rooms (there are ten available) for various meetings (such as Project meetings, staff reviews, client meetings, software test meetings, developer meetings, social events, brainstorming session). The meetings can booked for one hour or two hours between the hours of 9am and 6pm (Monday to Friday). Other information, which is inputted, is the bookers name, department, contact number, special requirements (catering required etc.) and other employees invited to the meeting. If there are more than 15 people present at a meeting the first five meeting rooms are too small.

Part Two

Every time that a new meeting is created, the data is saved to an external text file.

Part Three

On another form, the administrative staff should be able to open the text file again, view it on the form in a schedule format and print the data (to an actual printer not just on screen). The data cannot be edited on this form. There is a password on this form so that ordinary members of staff cannot access it directly.
Part Four

Users should be able to edit a meeting they have created if they call it back to the form from the file. The meeting will found under their name.
Part Five

A third form should be created to allow the administrator to generate a reminder for the attendees of a meeting.
Note: Make use of multiple forms to give the application a professional look. Create menus and a help facility to aide users.
I am required to:
(a) Create an application for the meetings tracker system described in the narrative.