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    How do sqlservers put datas in file


    I am working on a small article (educational article as a part of my course) about SQL servers and I have some general questions and I'll appereciate if someone can answer. (just small replies so that I can find my way and look for more info).

    1- How do SQL servers put datas in files? I am a C Programmer and I have developped programs for MySQL/MSSQL/Oravle/PostgreSQL.

    2- Is there a verys small SQL server that I can take a look at some
    parts of the code and I can have a view of their structure?

    3- Can you give me some advice on how can I gather enough information to be able to develop a very very small SQL server with just 4 commands (doing simple SELECT, INSERT, CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLE with simple options).

    I want to work on this for my MS project.


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    you can just lurk around Berkeley DB

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