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    Post Unanswered: SOS !! Read error : NET connexion not possible.


    I've got a BIG problem with an Informix Dynamic Server, on an AIX plateform (with HACMP cluster)
    I can no more connect via soctcp !!!! I got the following message : "read error occured during connexion attemp", with no message number
    (but this message is corresponding to the error number -27001)

    I can connect to my Informix Server using ipcshm, without any problem.
    But nothing to do with the soctcp connexion.

    I spent a lot of time to check what could be wrong in my AIX environment and in my Informix environment : everything seems to be ok....
    The only thing we done before the NET connexion falls down, is to install an UPS on the AIX cluster. (The server stopped brutally during the tests, not enougth power was supplyed by the UPS)

    Someone could help me ???
    Thanks !!!!

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    Did you check the error 27001?

    A lot of things need to be tested.

    You could always add more poll threads. Does your tcp connection run on the CPU vp or the NET vp?
    How many CPU in the machine?

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