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    Exclamation Unanswered: Urgent help needed - ODBC problem to connect to simple files

    I am using ODBC(Microsoft ODBC drivers for text files (.txt.srv etc). This was working till I had version 2.0, Now after loading MDAC 2.5.1 it is giving error '[ODBC TEXT DRIVER] SQLCODE 42000, can not update, the table is read only.

    It is ok if I add an extn to the file and give the full extn name in select statement. If I go this way, I have to change a lot of code.

    Is there any way to handle this without code change and may be just change the DSN.


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    Hi there,

    this is just an idea, whether it works in another matter


    as you said if you change the query to include the extension it works.. but to do this throughout the code is a lot of hassle, but what about changing the filename to the one in the code?

    text.txt will still be the same file if renamed to text???

    Just a thought.. Haven't worked with a txt driver much, or recently...



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