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    Unanswered: Forms and Graphics

    I have an application that takes quite a long time to run some of it's processes (queries, code ect).
    I would like to display a pop up form showing that the computer is processing. How can I display something along the lines of an animated gif on my form, something such as a spinning hourglass or other little animation.
    Ideally it would be something that happened independent of Access since Access will be so busy working on it's task.
    Thanks for any ideas.

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    I haven't seen ANY software, which really does it. It is difficult and generally say, forget it in MS Access.

    There is another solution. You can replace Mouse cursor with any cursor you want, so create your own cursor - some cool icon with text WORKING and whenever user moves to "busy" MS ACCESS it will show the icon.... after you are done, change it back.


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