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    Unanswered: Saving japanese characters Into SQL 2K through ASP

    Hi All,
    I am building an application with ASP pages and SQL 2K and running into problem when i save the japanese characters using ASP -> ODBC-> SQL 2K

    We get the translated data into japanese in excel spreadsheets which i upload to the SQL DB tables. In enterprise mgr this can be seen fine (since i do have japanese font installed on my client machine)
    When I pull this data onto ASP pages, I use
    Codepage : 932
    CharSet : shit_jis

    It shows up fine, but I have an admin interface where users can change this data and save it back to the database. This is where I run into problem.
    The data shows up in japanese (pulled from SQL 2K db) into the textboxes on asp page but when I save the same back to the DB, it saves it as ???????????

    Can Someone PLEASE tell me where am i going wrong or what setting am i missing?... thanks a ton,

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    Can anyone help please?

    Hi All,
    I am really stuck with this problem... Can someone help me out please

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    Can you tell if it's the webserver or the database that change all the japanese letters? SQL-server uses different collations that are specified during setup, and this can also be modified when you create a new database. I have not been able to find how you can modify the collation for an existing databasem but this will at least get you started...

    In Enterprise Manager try to create a new database, and in the window that pops up under the general-tab you can on the bottom choose which collation should be the default setting for the databse. You will find quite a few japanese models ther...and if you look up "LCID" i Books Online and locate "See also: Windows Collation Sorting Styles" you will find explanations of the different extensions like "Japanese_Unicode_CS_AI_WS"
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