Hello All,

Can someone help me with this??

I have 2 servers. One a MS SQL 7 server named Financial and the other an Informix Dynamic Server 9.3 named Auithority. I have linked the Authority server to the financial one and setup distributed transactions on it. I can pass information(data) from financial to Authority no problem with distributed transactions. For this to work I presume that the transaction manager is running on the Informix Machine. How do check this in any case??

What I am now trying to achieve is to be able to pass data the other way from authority to financial. I want to pass data via an insert query within the dbaccess utility. I have read up on the TP/XA Programmers manual to find information on it, however still doesn't really tell me how I reference the designated server through a query. Can anyone show me the syntax needed for an insert to the financial server and how do I reference this server within the query?? Also is there anything I need to setup with transaction manager so it can see the financial server??

What do I need to do to get this going??

Any help would be great