I have a servlet, which is getting an object of DataSource (jndi-name: jdbc/sampleDB).

DataSource ds = null;

public void init() ... {
ds = (DataSource)ctx.lookup("jdbc/sampleDB");

The problem is that I am getting the exception "CLI0600E Invalid connection handle or connection is closed" if I call the following statement in the method doGet() on the platform AIX Version 5,
although the same servlet works on the machine Windows Server 2000 very well.

Connection con = (Connection)ds.getConnection();

I have read a few message about this problem in another forum, where it is pointed that the problem is fixed in a newer version.
But I have still the problem.

Can anyone help me ?.
Has anyone faced this problem before ?


My machine has the following configuration:
OS : AIX Version 5
DB2 : DB2 v8.1.1.0
Application Server: IBM WebSphere Express 5.0
JDK: 1.3.1