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    Angry Unanswered: Secondary Indexes - W2k/XP vs Win98

    I have a Paradox application with several tables. The tables sort differently depending if the application is run from W2k/XP or Win98. They all use the same IDAPI cfg file. The sorting is controlled by a secondary index on the table and it sorts correctly in Win98. No errors are reported, just the records sort diffently on the same screen in the application. Everthing is identical except the OS.

    If I open the table structure in Windows 98, I can see the Secondary index that controls the sorting. If I open the same table in W2k or XP, I do NOT see the secondary index. Even if I try to add the secondary index using W2k or XP, Paradox will not save the secondary index.

    Paradox 10 (Paradox 7 table)

    field 1 - Long (sorted a-z)
    field 2 - alpha (sorted z-a)
    field 3 - money

    Any ideas?


    I copied the table to a W2k machine and could not see the secondary index. I re-added the secondary index (on W2k machine) and it kept the setting. I copied the table back to Win 98 and I could no longer see the secondary index from the W2k machine.

    Internal long filename conversion???

    Thx in advance for any help.
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    It seems to me you're not correctly using aliases, or you're trying to use long names in aliases paths...
    The only failure is not trying to do it.

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    All aliases work fine and all functionality regarding aliases work. The database is located in C:\DB, so long paths should not be the problem. I've given up on the problem and moved on. But thanks for the suggestion.

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