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    Unanswered: Changes to SQL in Master DB

    Scenario: Split database that resides on a network. The back-end contains only tables and is a regular Access database. The front-end is a master database. Replicas of the master reside on several (~15) computers. This was done to minimize network traffic and allow me to make changes to the master database that would be propagated to individual desktops each time they opened their local replica. This has worked wonderfully. The user is told each time changes have been made, the database closes and reopens by itself (to complete synchronization) and everyone is happy.

    Problem: I have noticed that sometimes when I make changes to a query at the SQL level in the master database that the query does not propagate to the replica. In fact, the entire SQL is deleted except for "SELECT;" The queries that I have had trouble with include subqueries and aliasing of the Tables. They also include linked Sybase tables.

    I would like to be more specific, but I have not been able to reproduce the problem consistently yet. Has anyone else had a similar problem with synchronization?

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    With Access 97, replication/synchronization works ok for data in tables, but shows flaws when design changes are made to other objects like forms, queries etc.

    Do not know about higher versions of Access...

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