I'm new to this board.
I have a problem and was wondering if someone could help me.

The system that I work on has following components:
Two Access97 databases, DB1 and DB2 reside on network share Z:
I developed a front end (FE) in VB6 that uses ADO 2.0 internally to connect to these two databases using Jet 3.51 provider. The FE is distributed to 20 workstations and when it starts up, 2 connection objects (cnDB1, cnDB2 global in scope) are created and remain open throughout the whole time the FE is opened.
The system has been up and running for about 2 years now, but recently in the last 2 months one of the databases gets corrupted quite often (seems like every few days).
I suspect that the corruption happens during the write process on one of the users workstations.
I have a piece of code that uses transactions on both connection objects at the same time, since business logic requires creating an invoice in DB1 and log it in DB2.

Public Sub CreateInvoice()
On Error GoTo ErrHandler


'Code that creates invoice in DB1
'Code that logs the invoice creation in DB2


Exit Sub


MsbBox Err.Description
End Sub

Is this a legal nesting of connection object transactions?
And could it be the reason for database corruption?

By the way, only DB1 gets corrupted.

Thank you for any help,