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    Question Unanswered: calculated field based on a subform field

    I am trying to sum a repeating field from a subform on my main form. I have a field on the subform called PartCharge. I need a field on my main form that totals all the PartCharges entered for that record. I have tried to sum the field in the subform and then reflect that field on my main form. I have also tried to sum the fields directly from the main form. I am having no success. Please help...

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    the best i can think of is a sub form that has

    SELECT Sum(<fieldName>) AS field FROM <Table Name>; as it's data source, you could even inclued this as the main forms data source as long as it doesn't need another data source
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    Make sure that you have a textbox in the subform's FORM FOOTER (not the page footer or detail section). Set its name to txtPartChargesSum and control source to:


    Then you can reference it in the main form by setting the control source of a text box to:



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    Thank you for the replies. I finally got it to work. I summed the field on the footer of the subform, then called that field on the main form. It seems to be working...Thanks again.

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