Please join us for our next User Group meeting

12 Mar 03 at 1800

Level 15
201 Miller St
North Sydney

Agenda (focussing on DBAs this month)
1800 Opening remarks and ISUG/ASUG News
1830 Sybase ASE Health Checks, Anne Walker, Sybase DBA, St George Treasury
1945 Conclusion
2000 Pizza & refreshments

Sybase ASE Health Checks

There are many things which need to be examined in creating and maintaining server health. This discussion takes a look at a "Health Check Report" which was designed to run periodically and produce a web page which shows the "health" of the server and recommendations for improvement. The following sections will be examined from the report:

* Patch level
* Server name
* Configuration options (including # open objects, # open indexes, # open databases)
* Cache configuration
* Dataserver binary permissions
* Databases and options
* Space usage
* Segments
* Thresholds
* Data and log segmentation
* Sizing tempdb
* Database devices
* Default devices
* Login usage
* Database recovery order
* sa password
* Locked logins
* Roles
* Database owners
* Mismatched and orphan database users
* Remote servers and logins


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