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    Arrow Unanswered: DTS Import Error (Catastrophic Failure).

    I am attempting to do an import from an Access Database
    which contains tables and Views. Upon running the DTS
    import wizard, I am receiving an error "Catastrophic
    Failure" and can find no knowledge base articles on. The
    file is approximately 3 MegaB in size.

    After the import, the table's structure comes but no data
    appears. There are fields which have Memo fields as

    Expecting ur Help

    Thanks, Stan

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    Re: DTS Import Error (Catastrophic Failure).

    If you have datetiem fields in your Access database, consider this:

    Access accepts values for datetime fields >= January 1st, 100

    MS SQL SERVER accepts values for datatime fields >= January, 1, 1753

    Check in your Access database if no datetime filed has a value (due to typing error or so) before January 1, 1753. If it has this is your problem. SQL Server will never imports such date values.


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