Can anyone help me with this error? The stored procedure
that generated it was using a temp table #Cell. It seems
to be created, but then when it tries to access it
further on I get this. It's not always the same
procedure, but is always related to tempdb. I've run a dbcc
checkdb on each one and it returned no errors. Even
restarted the server. The only descriptions for the
error i can find on the web relate to Sybase.

Msg 605, Sev 21: Attempt to fetch logical page (1:22974)
in database 'tempdb' belongs to object '0', not to
object '#Cell____________________________________________ _
__________________________________________________ ________
________0002000003EA'. [SQLSTATE HY000]

With it happening on temporary tables in tempdb maybe it was memory related. The server is a cluster so i rolled it over to the other node but the error persisted. It seems to have started after SP3 was installed after the Slammer attack.