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    Unanswered: problem modifying spfile "sessions" parameter

    I have a co-dba here who is having an SPFILE issue.

    First of I know the sessions parameter is not a dynamic parameter

    She is basically trying to alter the sessions parameter in her spfile.

    She says that she altered the sessions parameter first in her init.ora file from 170 to 200 and then created the spfile, however it seems that the spfile did not take the modified parameter.

    I was thinking maybe the parameter had been rolled up into the processess parameter like so many former 8i parameters have been in 9i realease 2, but she insists that it exists as its own parameter.

    I suggested that she export her current spfile into a pfile and then recreate the spfile from that pfile (we're yet to see the results of this trial).

    Yes the spfile is in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory and yes its currently whats been used to start the instance.

    pls help


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    Hi Wale,

    you can use the "alter system set" statement to modify the parameter in spfile.

    alter system set sessions=200 scope=spfile;

    This will modify the parameter only in spfile and not for the running instance. So with the scope option you can change static parameters only in spfiles.


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