I am using DB2 and Toplink.
I try to call a stored procedure with 2 outputarguments using toplink. But I have no idea how to get the outputarguments.

StoredProcedureCall cl = new StoredProcedureCall();
cl.setProcedureName( "entw.get_id_tepid_tmp" );
cl.addNamedOutputArgument( "p_rc", "p_rc", Integer.class );
cl.addNamedOutputArgument( "p_id", "p_id", Long.class );

DataModifyQuery rq = new DataModifyQuery();
rq.setReferenceClass( DataBaseId.class );
rq.addArgument( "p_rc" );
rq.addArgument( "p_id" );
rq.setArgumentTypes( types );

rq.setCall( cl );
Object obj = m_loginTL.getSession().executeQuery( rq );

Can anybody help?