HELP with settings for MySQL-ODBC odbc.ini AND MacOSX ODBC Administrator please

Mac OSX - 10.2.4
MySQL - 3.23.55 (Installer from Aaron Faby, works fine!)
MySQLODBC - 3.51.05 (should i use libmyodbc3.bundle or libmyodbc3_r.bundle)

Most of the manual(s) speak about Win settings, which i cannot translate to MacOSX settings.
MySQL was installed here: /Library/MySQL
my database is here: /Library/MySQL/data
my databasename is NOT 'test' (is that important? (probably is) as 'test' is the dbname in the 'odbc.ini' file)
Also the Apple ODBC Administrator is not clear to me and i can not find any help about it on my system or with Apple KnowledgeBase!
Any hints would be greatly appreciated.