I have two databases located at two different physical locations with no network set up between the locations. My problem is that I need to synchoronize the data between the databases.

The database I keep (DB-A) contains client information and contact information including email addresses. The second database (DB-B) is maintained by a newsletter vendor and contains similar information about my clients - minus any new clients that I have added into my database DB-A. Every quarter I need to send the vendor only the new clients. The databases have different unique identifiers for each client.

The problem is this: sometimes my clients contact me directly to be removed from the newsletter subscription list on DB-A. Other times the clients click an unsubscribe link on the email newsletter and are removed from DB-B.

What would you all reccommend as the best method for synchronizing the subscription data stored in both DB-A and DB-B using FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress, and SubscriptionStatus as the common thread between the databases.

Thank you so much in advance for your input!