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    Unanswered: BCP help please!!

    I would like to bulk copy 37 tables out of my development db server

    I know how to write a batch file to bulk copy one table for example below I copy the opp_data table in the ipabs database.etc

    cd syb_dump
    del /q d:\ipabs_ftp\login.dat
    bcp ipabs..opp_data out opp.dat -Usa -PMORPHEUS1 -Sipabs -c
    move opp.dat d:\ipabs_ftp\opp.dat

    My question is how do I copy all 37 tables to the same output file
    what adjustments would I have to make to the above script


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    I'll assume you're using Windows NT (2000 works and XP should as well) somewhere, because the following won't work on Win 85, 98, or ME

    @echo off
    echo. > all_tables.txt
    for /f %%t in (tables.txt) do (
    echo %%t
    bcp rwc..%%t out %%t.txt -Uuser_name -Sserver_name -Ppassword -c
    copy all_tables.txt + %%t.txt all_tables2.txt
    del all_tables.txt
    move all_tables2.txt all_tables.txt

    This will work for any number of tables. Just put each table on its own line in a file called "tables.txt". Obviously you will need to specify your user name, server name and password.

    The resulting file is called "all_tables.txt" There is a blank line at the start of the file, but I think that's a small price to pay.

    If you're going to be doing this kind of thing regularly think about obtaining Cygwin becuase then you have a more powerful scripting (bourne shell) at your disposal.

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    thanks so much, I'll try it.

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