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    Unhappy Unanswered: XP and SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager

    Big problem -- perhaps someone has an idea to help.

    We use SQL Server 2000 to administer lots of servers. Recently, we upgraded our laptops to XP with SP1. Today was the day I needed to update my password (30 days limit at our place). Since that time, all of my server registrations have gone from XP.

    I see some postings on Microsoft's Newsgroups (sorry; I look there only once in a while) indicating that this is an XP problem without a workaround yet. But I figure that someone must have beaten us to the punch on this problem.

    For what it's worth, the Windows registry seems to still have all of the server registrations.

    Any clue on what I could try to get them back into EM? If so, you're a saint and perhaps a god!



    Barry Spiegel

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    You can't :-(

    You're going to have to recreate them all, sorry to say. I created a Visual Basic app that I distributed to the rest of the DBA's that uses DMO to recreate all of our registrations, I'd suggest doing something similar yourself.

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