I am new with Db2. I am trying to set up a daily schedule for backing up a DB2 version 7 database (on Windows 2000). I am using the Wizard in the control center to do this.

All I need is a automated scheduled backup of the database once every day. I do not care about the transactions in between. I have tried everything that I can think off, but I either get a "SQL1035N The database is currently in use. SQLSTATE=57019" or "SQL2413N Online backup is not allowed because either logretain or userexit for roll-forward is not activated, or a backup pending condition is in effect for the database." error.

What I have tried is to set the backup method as online, and have tried different settings for the logretain and userexit setting, but getting no where. What should these settings be?

I have tried looking/searching for documentation that explains thin on IBM's support side, but have drawn a blank.

Incidentally, any suggestion on third party tools that can do a backup will also be greatly appreciated. Both ArcServe and Veritas do not seem to have a agent for DB2 UDB.

Thanks very much..

Chandru Aroor